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Scott has over 30 years of structural design and construction experience which includes a broad range of projects such as multi-family, hospitality, K-12 and higher education facilities, government buildings, resorts, casinos, sports facilities, healthcare facilities, parking structures, bridges, and multi-use buildings.  In early 2013, Scott started his own firm, Heatly Engineering, Inc., specializing in design-build fast-track projects throughout the southwest including high seismic regions.  Scott has an in-depth knowledge of the design/construction process starting with estimation and design through procurement, detailing and construction.  Scott was early in realizing the benefits of BIM in the design and construction process and has been incorporating aspects of 3-D modeling into projects for the last 20 years.  



Jeff is a licensed general contractor and has many years of experience in construction management services.  He brings his vast knowledge of cost estimating, construction scheduling and identifying constructability issues to the team.  Jeff firmly upholds project timetables by effectively planning all subcontractor work for the most efficient use of time and money.  Jeff has worked on a variety of projects including hospitals, medical offices, religious institutions, office buildings and water tanks.


margaret heatly

Margaret has many years of experience in the structural engineering and project management fields including a broad range of projects and construction materials such as steel, concrete, precast concrete, CMU and wood.  During her tenure at Heatly Engineering as well as previous employment, Margaret has utilized 3D structural engineering design software and integration software to efficiently transfer a structural model into drafting and modeling software such as Revit.  



Originally from Nepal, Dilendra brings design experience in commercial, residential, retail structures as well as hospitality and medical facilities. He completed his MS in Civil Engineering at University of New Mexico with concentration in structural design courses. At Heatly Engineering, he is involved in modeling, analysis and design of structures as per project needs.

An avid trekker, Dilendra is fond of backpacking adventures in high Himalayas in Nepal and mountains in Northern New Mexico.



Christoph’s expertise in cloud based collaborative projects brings unique value to Heatly Engineers, where most of the projects are increasingly carried out in BIM framework. He has experience working in ACAD, Revit, Revizto and Dynamo. After obtaining associate’s degree in Architectural and Engineering Drafting Technology from CNM, he joined Heatly Engineering and has enjoyed working in diverse projects like single and multi-story commercial buildings, hotels,  stadiums and infrastructure projects.

Christoph enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, camping and playing music. In his leisure time, he likes creating visual artwork such as ink drawing, zines and lately, crocheting.


Kevin sias

Kevin, born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, joined Heatly Engineering after receiving a certificate in Architectural and Engineering Technology from CNM. He has experience working in ACAD, Revit, and Google Sketch-up. He has enjoyed working on diverse projects such as educational facilities, sports arenas, roadway/bridges, and stair projects.

Kevin enjoys fishing, camping and playing video games in his free time.

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