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Heatly Engineering, Inc.


Heatly Engineering is a structural consulting firm based out of Albuquerque New Mexico.  We have worked extensively in the west coast and southwestern states and have current projects located from California to New Mexico, and also in New York.  Served markets include athletic facilities, hospitality, healthcare, K-12 and higher education, industrial facilities, office complexes, government buildings, DOD/DOE facilities, parking structures, bridges, roadways and civil structures.

Our team has extensive experience in the design-build market on highly complex and schedule driven projects.   Through our experience with the BIM process, Heatly Engineering has been able to provided additional information to our clients as compared to traditional consulting firms, so that informed decisions can be made reducing overall project risk.  Heatly Engineering often provides multiple design options early in the process allowing pricing to be solicited from multiple subcontractors which delivers the best value to the owner.  In today’s market, the construction industry is fast-paced and demanding, which requires adaptable and innovative engineering solutions based on vast experience, but not relying solely on how things were done in the past. 

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